Off Grid for the Holidays

We went off grid for the holidays and had a great time. It was beautiful and very peaceful.  It snowed and, unlike the city, it was very pristine and the sun came out and it was a magical sight.

We checked on the pads for our cabin and snow roof for our travel trailer and they are compacting nicely so we will definitely start building next spring. It will be another 15 to 18 months beforeoff grid for the holidays we can finally move out of the city. We are very excited to begin our off grid adventure.

Garden Plans

I’ve started planning my gardens and have decided to plant apple and peach trees, as well. I will also be learning how to make organic compost to use instead of buying fertilizer. I hope to grow the majority of our fruits and vegetables. I will be canning my harvests to store for use in the winter. I also hope to be participating in the Farmer’s Market, to make a little money, selling organically grown fruits and vegetables.

Making Money Living Off Grid

This is the last thing that I have to figure out before moving off grid. I’ve been looking into a variety of options for making money with limited internet access. Please check out Making Money Living Off Grid where I have shared the options that I have found and done a review for Wealthy Affiliate which is the option that I have chosen to utilize.

It is very exciting to plan to have a more peaceful natural way off life. I’m am looking forward to living off grid, it will be hard work but I believe that it will be much more satisfying than dealing with the chaos of living in the city.

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.



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